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Founded in 2008 as a permanent, online, collection, the Gahan Wilson Virtual Museum is the largest repository of the cartoon art of Gahan Wilson.

We are dedicated to preserving and documenting the beautiful and the unique, thought-provoking, cartoon art, paintings, sculpture, and writings, created by Gahan Wilson.

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Original hand pulled serigraph...











Gahan Wilson Received an Honorary Doctorate from The Chicago Art Institute on Sunday, May 13, 2012





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These are all new cartoons that have never been published before.
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A three-volume slipcased full-color set: over one thousand cartoons, spanning fifty years of a legendary career. (Playboy )

Like Charles Addams, to whom he is often compared, Wilson is a master of the macabre. (The New Yorker )

Norman Rockwell’s evil twin. (The New York Times)

“In his art, Wilson provides his audience with a lucid and lyrical, violent and apocalyptic windshield to view the chaotic landscape of our culture as it whizzes past our peripheral vision into the rear-view mirror of art history. (Walter Hopps, former Curator of the Smithsonian Institution’s 20th Century American Art Collection)

942 pages, 3 volumes. Fifty years of PLAYBOY cartoons.

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