The Collection

The collection encompasses all of Gahan Wilson's work. It is the largest collection of Gahan Wilson creations anywhere. It contains cartoons, paintings, sculpture, writing, and advertising work.

The earliest drawing by Gahan Wilson, aged 6 (1936).


Also included in the collection are video clips of Gahan Wilson talking about his work and his life, photographs, written interviews, and writings by Gahan Wilson expressly for this site.

Below are some examples from the collection. The collection includes PLAYBOY cartoons, THE NEW YORKER cartoons, his work in the THE NATIONAL LAMPOON, book illustrations, and his life in Hollywood.

The GAHAN WILSON VIRTUAL MUSEUM, is the life's work of an American Treasure, cartoonist Gahan Wilson.

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Gahan Wilson, Key West, FL, 1969


Storyboard panel for the animated film, "Gahan Wilson's Diner."

Gahan Wilson in Los Angeles, 2002.


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